Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Fencing Contractor

In this post we're going to be looking at hiring a fencing contractor and taking a look at what questions you should be asking.

Shop Around, Be Diligent

Firstly, don't go to the first contractor you come to. Shop around, and as with anything you're going to invest in, make sure you check their testimonials from previous clients. How good are they? Are there pictures of their fencing? Ask if you can contact some of their previous customers and ask them about what the customer service was like.

Come to think of it, once you've done all that, what exactly is a good fence? Perhaps you're not too sure what constitutes a good fence at all, and how can you buy something when you don't know what you're looking for?

What kind of fencing should you be looking for?

A good fence for garden decking should be strong, which is pretty obvious, straight, naturally, and of course, on the level. It must also be durable, because it has to endure all kinds of weather. Will your chosen fence last through the poor weather that gets thrown at it? It's important that materials of a high quality are used and that the person who creates your fencing is qualified and fully trained. Hopefully the materials used should conform to British Standards, remember to ask about this.

What kind of experience does the fencing contractor have?

Your fencing contractor seems to know what he's talking about, or at least it sounds that way, but how do you know he has the right kind of experience? Again, it's all about checking the testimonials, see if he/she has any online on his/her website and also take into consideration how long the business has been trading.


How much should you expect to pay for good quality fencing? Don't think you're saving money by going for the cheapest, because the cheapest isn't always the best. You can ask for a breakdown of the cost if you believe you're paying to much for it. What you want is value for money and keep in mind you're also paying for the materials, the contractors skills and his time.

Aftercare Costs

Will there be aftercare costs for your fence? You may need to treat your fence if it's made of wood. Have they been pressure-treated, if this is the case then they won't need treating, you need to ask the fencing contractor about this so you know what you're letting yourself in for. The pickets often need care even if they've been pressure-treated. Make sure you talk to your contractor about these things, so you're clear on what needs doing.

Lothian Fencing & Decking

So are you still looking for good quality fencing and you need a good fencing contractor? Then please get in touch with Lothian Fencing & Decking. We can show you our testimonials, and all our materials are British Standard that are both durable and functional. We have many years of experience and we are all fully trained and qualified to do our jobs. This makes us the perfect fencing contractor for your needs, so get in touch.

Why Choose Decking For Your Garden?

It would seem that more people than ever are investing in garden decking and with good reason. After all, it's beautiful to look at, it's certainly great to sit in and provides an elegant and relaxing area to entertain family and friends. There's a great range of patterns, textures and colours these days as well as different shapes, so you can have your decking just how you'd like it.

Once you have your garden decking in place, that's it, you can sit back and enjoy it. It's extremely low maintenance and requires little in the way of cleaning other than a few professional cleaning products to keep it looking good. An occasional polish every now and again also helps.

Durability and Functionality

It's durable and it lasts so you definitely get a return on your investment. Garden decking is usually made from strong hardwood that has it's own natural resistance to British weather with rain, frost and cold. You'll also find that certain softwoods are quite good too if they've been pressure treated first.

Slopes Don't Stop You From Having Garden Decking

If you're garden slopes and you're worried that garden decking simply won't work on an uneven surface, then do not fear, decking is great for straightening out your garden and will leave it with a more consistent feel. It'll make the garden safe for your family and friends to walk on with no uneven surfaces to trip over.

Have Decking and Still be Kind to the Environment

If you care about the environment, then you'll be pleased to know that the hardwoods used to make garden decking is usually bio-degradable, so ask your retailer about it and don't buy it if it isn't. When it's bio-degradable this usually means that it can be easily recycled so it's environmentally friendly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Oh yes, garden decking is easy on the eye and really makes your garden come alive. It looks even better as it ages and becomes more rustic looking. In all the seasons the decking will come alive with each type of weather, giving you a garden you really want to spend time in. Whether it's watching the leaves fall in autumn or looking at the frosted branches of the trees nearby, your garden will be a beautiful part of it.

Timber decking looks beautiful all year round and even during the months you can 't sit out in it and entertain friends, you'll still have a platform from which to look at the changing weather.

Flexibility and Versatility

You can have your garden decking in any style you want from any wood you like. You can use decking around pools, water features and ponds, and even under pergolas. You can build a gazebo on it and you can have an inbuilt barbecue, so entertaining is a doddle during the warm spring and summer months. You can have the children playing outside in it as its quite safe and you can entertain guests outdoors at any time of the day.

Transform Your Garden With Decking

Have you made your mind up? Have you decided that garden decking is for you and you'd like to go ahead. Why not get in touch or pay us a visit here at Lothian Fencing and Decking and one of our team will be more than happy to help you. We have an experienced and reliable team behind us and we're all qualified and trained to work with decking. So get in touch today and make your garden come alive.

Common Decking Problems

You've invested in garden decking and you're absolutely loving the change it's made to your life and the life of your garden. However, there are things to consider when you have garden fencing in order to give it longevity. Maintenance is an important factor in keeping your decking in tip top condition.

You also spot problems, after all, out in the garden, there are all sorts of hazards and things that can attack your decking. You need to be able to know what you can do to sort these problems out before they get even worse.

So in our guide today, we're going to talk about the outdoor garden hazards that can affect your decking in detail, and give you some tips on what you can do.


Being outside, your garden decking is prone to the vagaries of British weather. With this in mind, it's only natural that as time goes by, your decking will start to fade. It will also warp and crack over the years because it's made of wood.

The fading, warping and cracking can give the decking some character, however you may want to slow down the process. One way of doing this is to treat the decking by adding a stain or repainting it. Retreating it and sealing it every couple of years should help add a few extra years to the decking, you can also use a stain or paint that has a water sealer or wood preserver which is a good economical combination, doing two jobs at once.


Always check for staining and mould to the joists as this is the foundation of your garden decking. There can be a build up of dirt and water around the posts and these need to be checked every now and again. Water build-up can be a real enemy to wood, so check for this too. Replace any planks that have wood rot with new ones, so your decking can be given a new lease of life.


Mould can be scrubbed or scraped off with water and soap and you can also use a jet spray.

Gaps in the planks/boards

You boards will need replacing if they shrink as they dry out after rain, this can cause gaps in the decking so replacing them with new planks is the only solution to this problem.

Structural Issues

If your garden decking has any 'give' and doesn't seem very strong, then perhaps it needs some repair due to structural problems. Check the joists and posts underneath, and if you're unsure of what you're looking for then call in a professional who can take a look at it for you.

Professional Garden Decking Specialists

If you'd like us to take a look at your garden fencing, then we'd be more than happy to send a member of our team round to your home to check it out. We have many years of experience in the decking business and we know what problems to look out for when it comes to garden decking. Just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Choosing Your Garden Decking

Wood is the most precious natural material we have, and it is evident that Britain is starting to see its beauty. It’s not only strong and functional, it is hardwearing and weatherproof with the right care. There are so many different types of wood to choose from, and the British public are now using wood both indoors and outdoors for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

As an outdoor material wood is a perfect choice, it has many benefits, with minimal foundation work making it a big hit. It can be used to fence a garden, it’s easy and quick to build, and adds character to a garden.

Garden decking is a great idea because wood is so light and it’s great to walk on and blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

Which is the right type of decking for you?

You will need to think about whether the ground you’ll be using your decking for is on a slope or whether it’s flat. Will it be directly in the sun or will it be shaded? Will you be wanting to create a screen to protect yourself from the wind, if this is the case, then you’ll have to figure this in with your initial plans.

Public or private?

Is your garden decking going to be in public view, or do you want it to be in private space, and do you want trees and shrubbery to provide some much needed privacy?

Drains and Manholes

Make sure the decking isn’t going to be in the way of your drains or on any manholes.

Who is your decking for?

Who’s going to be using the garden decking, is it for adults or large family use? You may want to install a play area where the children can play interrupted.

Softwood or hardwood?

Whether you choose to use softwood or hardwood, what you will find is that not all types of either wood are suitable for garden decking. You need something that will work in all weathers when it’s outdoors. You need something that is naturally durable which will invariably be a hardwood. Otherwise a softwood that’s been treated so it is durable.

Treated softwoods are popular in the UK with Scottish pines being a big favourite. Hardwoods are a big advantage with their hardwearing abilities and of course the colours and grain pattern are a big attraction. There are many different types of hardwood that are quite popular and they have a long life expectancy as do treated softwoods.

Deck Board Styles

Garden decking boards have different styles as well as woods. You can have grooves, ribs or with hi-grip if you want extra security for door access points. Choose a style that is in keeping with your own personal style and one which complements your home.

Garden Decking – Lothian Fencing & Decking

If you choose us to fit your garden decking, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that we only work to good industry practices and comply with the guidelines of the Timber Decking Association, so your garden decking will be both safe and secure.

We hope you found our guide on garden decking useful, if you have any further questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Garden Decking FAQ

In our post this week, we’re going to explore some of the most commonly asked questions regarding garden decking. If you’re thinking about investing in new garden decking, and perhaps you’ve not had it before, then this FAQ post should be helpful.

Do I need planning permission for garden decking?

It all depends on the type of structure you’re going to build. It is possible that this will be the case, and if it’s not a house, but some other kind of building then you will need planning permission.

The circumstances where you may need planning permission is when you’re near a motorway, if it’s more than 30cm above the ground and if it covers more than 50% of the garden. You need to take care that it doesn’t invade privacy, and that it’s not attached to a listed building. If your decking is going to be in a conservation area or a national trust then you will be expected to make sure that your decking is in proportion with the rest of your property

How long does garden decking last?

What type of wood you use can determine the lifespan of your decking. If it’s a durable wood it can last up to 15 years or more.

Can water make garden decking unsafe to walk on?

Yes, it can do but if you keep the decking surface clean and make sure there’s no mildew, algae or moss then these won’t collect to create slippery deposits. Make sure you also brush the decking with a good quality broom and clean it, maybe once year in warm weather with a power spray.

If the ground in my garden isn’t flat can I still have garden decking?

If your garden slopes slightly you can still have decking and you’ll find it’s the perfect solution for it. Slopes can be straightened out with good support beneath the decking. No more sloping garden, welcome sleek, straight garden decking.

Is it possible to have a hot tub installed on my garden decking?

Yes it is, however the decking will need to be specifically designed to support the extra weight. The timber used will need to be stress graded in order to provide the support needed. However, with this in mind, there is no reason why you can’t have a hot tub if you take the necessary precautions.

Is garden decking environmentally friendly?

Wooden decking is one of the most sustainable products used in building timber can be recycled once it’s past its sell by date. Much of the timber used in the UK comes from Scandinavian countries where it’s much colder and the quality of woods comes with less knots.

Lothian F&D Decking – For All Your Garden Decking Needs

If you’re still two minds on whether to have garden decking in your property and you have more questions, then contact us here at Lothian F&D Decking. We’ll answer all your questions and give you reassurances on any uncertainties you may still have.

We’re experienced and qualified to fit garden decking so if you do decide to go with us, then you’ll get value for money and a worthwhile investment that could add value to your property.

Garden Decking Maintenance Tips

So now you have your garden decking - that’s it now, right? You can just sit back and enjoy it. But perhaps that’s not quite it, because as with all garden decking, it needs careful, regular maintenance in order to preserve it. That way you’ll be able to use it for a long time to come.


Yes, the weather. In the UK we go through all 4 seasons and that can be quite an annual journey with humidity, freezing temperatures, sun, snow and sleet. With that in mind, your garden decking has a lot to contend with. The vagaries of the weather can really wreak havoc on your decking.

Products, You Need Products

If you have garden fencing and wooden fencing especially, you’ll have realised by now that your fencing has started to change shape in response to the weather. Wood is vulnerable to warping, however, it’s not all doom and gloom, you can do something about it.

Wood can blacken in time, this can happen as a result of water getting into the wood, but it can be dealt with by using a fungicidal wash. Wood can also go grey as well as black and this is due to sun damage. You may like it to stay this way, however if you don’t, then you can use a reviver gel that will restore it to its natural colour.

Cleaning Your Garden Decking

You can get the products described above at most good DIY stores. However, you should always make sure you clean the deck first before you treat it. You could go over it with washing up liquid and some warm water first, or some TSP. It’s best not to go over with any bleach, it may damage the timber.

You can use a jet spray to clean your deck, but its best if it isn’t too powerful as it could do serious damage to the wood fibres.

You could use a garden fungicide for your decking too, to clear away algae and mildew. Keep in mind this isn’t for cleaning, it’s just a fungicide and serves its purpose.

Decking Oils

Following a good clean you can then try a good treatment regime that’ll work in the long term. Please remember that it’s important to still clean your deck regularly even after you’ve treated it. Decking oil is another good treatment that fills the cells within the wooden decking and helps protect it.

A penetrating oil is much better than a varnish type finish as it won’t crack when the timber contracts and expands with the weather. You’ll also find that a good quality decking oil will help replace any natural oils that get lost over time with wear and tear.

Make sure you clean the deck thoroughly in the way we’ve described above before you apply decking oil.

Garden Decking West Lothian and Central Scotland

If you have any further questions regarding garden decking in West Lothian and beyond then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Lothian Fencing and Decking, we’ll be more than happy to help.  


Artificial Grass in Dog Kennels & Dog Runs

If you are trying to maintain real turf in a dog kennel you are fighting a losing battle. Both the dogs and the seasons have other ideas for your beautifully manicured grass. How many hours do you spend a week looking after the turf in your kennels? It is probably quite a few, and for many business owners, the cost and time consumption of looking after real grass is just too much.

Which is why artificial grass for dogs is becoming increasingly popular with kennel owners up and down the country. Let’s take a look why.

Good For the Dogs

As a kennel owner, your number one concern is rightly going to be the dogs you are looking after. Artificial grass helps you to take care of them better. It provides a more durable, stable surface for them to play on. It won’t get slippery or become uneven and full of holes. With artificial grass dogs can run and play just as they would on normal grass, without the chance of catching a paw or taking a nasty tumble.

Best of all, dogs like artificial grass. They won’t even be able to tell the difference, and will soon be lying, rolling, and – yes – peeing on it!

Good For You

With artificial grass dogs can have a good time, and you can have an easier time. Artificial grass for dogs is incredibly easy to maintain, requiring just a quick going over with a hosepipe every now and then, or a bit of soap and water for a more intensive clean. Urine filters through into the ground, and faeces is easy to pick up, so it’s a very hygienic surface.

It makes looking after the dogs easier, too. By not getting muddy, artificial grass for dogs is saving you a lot of time spent hosing down dirty pooches.

Artificial grass for dogs also looks fantastic. It remains the same neat and pleasing length, and won’t fade in the sun like traditional grass does during the hotter months. It will remain a luscious green all year round, and can’t be dug up or disturbed by the dogs.

Good For Business

Switching to artificial grass frees up a lot of your time, while making your dog run more accessible. Dogs will be able to use it all year round to get exercise and let off steam.

Want to know more about easy to maintain, simple to install artificial grass dogs will just love to play on? Get in touch with us today.

Choosing Garden Fencing in West Lothian

At first glance it may seem easy – choosing your garden fencing in West Lothian. You just look through a brochure and pick the most attractive one you can find, however, this may not be as simple as it looks, after all there are other things to consider. In this post, we’re going to take a look at what to think about when choosing fencing for your garden.

Firstly let’s take a quick look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing garden fencing:-

  • Your budget

  • Hiring the right people with the necessary training and expertise

  • Your reason for having fencing – is for security, purely for decoration, to keep animals out or just for privacy?

  • The type of maintenance your fence will need over the years.

There are quite a few different types of garden fencing on the market including Composite Panel Fences, Trellis, Screens, Picket, Close board, Lap Panel Fences and Decorative Fence Panels. Which one you choose is dependent on what purpose it will serve.

Privacy Fencing

If you need privacy then an overlapping panel fence may be just the thing to keep people traffic and noisy neighbours out. They’re sometimes made from heavier wood and can also keep out noise too, for this try feather edge or treated boards.

Wind Breaker Fencing

If you need to break down a cruel breeze and harsh winds in autumn and winter, or you’re just in a place where your garden catches the wind, then a good fence that acts as a barrier against the wind is a great idea. Try hazel or willow hurdle fences, there are some great fencing panels designs that are specifically made to act as wind breaks.

Noise Reduction Fencing

We’ve already seen that a thicker timber panel fencing can keep out noise such as feather edge or specially treated boards. We have garden fencing that can cut out noise regardless of where it originates, whether it’s below panel height or higher.

Fencing With Aesthetic Appeal

Are you having garden fencing in West Lothian because you fancy a change and you want something that looks attractive, something that helps your garden and house to look more attractive? You can have something more imposing with solid gates or you can have something lighter but at the same time practical too.

Garden Fencing West Lothian

For whichever reason you’re having garden fencing in West Lothian, whether it’s as a wind break, for noise or purely for aesthetic reasons then come to Lothian Fencing and Decking . We have an excellent choice of garden fencing and we can talk you through what might work best for your garden depending on what you need it for. 

Garden Fencing Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Garden Fencing

How do you maintain you fence once it’s been installed? Once the fence is installed, you’re left with the care and maintenance of these great new additions to your garden.

Today, we’ve put together some handy bits of tips and advice, so you can take care of your new fencing so it stays exactly as it was when you bought it - in pristine condition.

Make regular checks a priority

Never leave the bits you can’t see to chance, that would include the bottom of your fence as well as the top. They can get damaged every bit as easily as the uppermost area of your picket fence. You must clean and repair any damage you find in order to keep on top of things, and before it overwhelms you.

Inspections on a regular basis

It makes sense to check and inspect regularly so that the damage, if discovered, can be rectified quickly before it becomes too big a job. This will keep the fencing in good condition and avoid bigger jobs later. Maintenance is low, because when you check regularly there’s less to do.

Make sure you have certain tools to hand, so any damage you do find, you’ll have the right things to hand to help you stay on top of it. Items to include are paint brushes, and naturally the same paint you used to paint your fence, washing solutions, a hose, wood trimmer and some sander.


Does your fence need repainting in certain parts? It can retain its colour if its kept topped up on a regular basis, making sure you have a reasonable stock of the same paint you used originally, so colours are even.

You can go over the whole fence or just paint certain areas, it’s up to you what part or how much of the fence you need to paint over.

Pressure Washing

You need to make sure your garden fencing is nice and clean, not just painting over dirt as well as damaged parts. If you keep it clean then your fence will last much longer and aesthetically, it will look good for longer too. Pressure washing your fence is one way of keeping your fence clean. Pressure washing involves using a pressure washing solution that you can use with other cleaning agents, if you wish. You need to use a hose to create the pressure, and once done, it’ll add a nice fresh glow to your picket fence.

Keep chemicals away from your garden fencing

One important factor you need to keep in consideration is the number and type of pesticides you currently use in your garden. They could cause irreparable damage to your fence, so it’s advisable to create a good distance between where you use your pesticides and where your fence is.

Sanding a wooden garden fencing

Keep an eye out for sharp bits on your picket fence, especially wood blisters and splinters that could trip you up or cause nasty cuts. You can use a sander to smooth your fence down and level the surface off. It’ll look good and it’ll be a lot safer too.

So there you have, it a few simple tips to keep your new fencing in immaculate condition and when you buy garden fencing in West Lothian you’re already winning with our strong, good quality fencing. 

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Decking and fencing works best when accompanying a beautifully manicured lawn. There’s nothing more visually appealing for your customers than softly stained smooth wooden panels up against a bright patch of turf. Achieving this goal isn’t as hard as you might think, because with artificial grass in West Lothian you can get all the benefits of natural turf without any of the hassle.

You’ve probably heard of artificial grass, and you probably know what it does (after all, the clue is in the name). But why would you want it for your premises?

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

As a business owner you’ve got plenty things to be getting on with already. Having a visually appealing premises is great for morale, helps you think more clearly, and be more creative. You don’t have the time to devote to looking after a beautiful lawn. Requiring very little attention from you to look good all year round, artificial grass is therefore a clever solution.

Artificial grass is highly durable

If your business premises experiences high footfall, artificial grass can thrive where real turf would be destroyed. A constant parade of feet can squash real grass, wear it down to mud, and cause it to yellow and die. Artificial grass is sturdy and highly durable, and with little effort can be made to look pristine and vibrant for a long time to come.

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly

Looking after the planet is an important task for the businesses of today. It can affect your company and your reputation. Artificial grass is an environmentally friendly alternative to natural turf because it requires so little maintenance. You’ll never need to use pesticides or other harmful chemicals keep your turf looking great and as it will never need mowing you won’t be wasting a lot of electricity or petrol on maintaining its appearance. You won’t need water it either, just give it a light hosing down every week or so.

Artificial grass is safer

Over time a real section of grass will become uneven, slippery, hard, and riddled with holes. These present many dangers and could cause a lot of trips and falls. The last thing you want is a customer or member of staff falling over and hurting themselves on your premises. With artificial turf you will always have a smooth, soft and uniform surface.

Get artificial grass in West Lothian for your business

Keep your business premises looking good with little effort on your part. Artificial grass is just one of the many ways we can improve the look of your premises. Get in touch today to discuss artificial grass in West Lothian, decking or fencing.

What Can Decking Be Used For?

Decking is about far more than just throwing down some planks in your garden. It is an easy and sturdy way of creating extra comfort and convenience in your outside space, with plenty of uses and applications. Some of the uses of garden decking are obvious, others are a little more unusual. Garden decking can be as simple or creative as you like.

Whether you want garden decking West Lothian or garden decking Edinburgh, here are just some ways it can be used.

Water Feature Surround

One of the benefits of having a pool is that it gives you something serene and full of wildlife to look at. But you won't spot much from a distance, and the outer edges of ponds usually aren't stable enough to put chairs on. A pond surrounded by garden decking not only looks striking, it also gives you a great seating area and easy access to the pond. Kids in particular will love lying on the decking and watching out for fish, newts, and other underwater creatures.

Outdoor Seating Area

A smooth, beautiful surface makes garden decking the perfect choice for outdoor seating spots or barbecue areas. You'll have a comfortable surface on which to put chairs, cushions, or blankets, and plenty of space to relax. And when it's warm outside, pop up a table and eat your meals in the sunshine without worrying about tripping over tufts or chair legs sinking into the ground.

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Surround

As well as making hot tubs look fantastic, using garden decking as a pool surround makes the whole area very safe. Garden decking has a low risk of slipping, so if wet people are going to be constantly in and out it makes sense for them to be doing so on safe ground. Plus it's a nice space for those not swimming to relax with a drink or a book and still be part of the action.

Disabled Access

Make sure everyone can access your garden. Grass or gravel aren't always the easiest surfaces to traverse, and can make getting everyone together outside more than a little complicated. Garden decking gives you a flat, level surface so that no one has to miss out on the garden, the fresh air, or the fun.

Japanese Garden

Create yourself an oasis of calm with an oriental-themed section of your garden. Use the garden decking as a strong foundation to create stunning designs and tranquil areas in which you can relax and escape from the world. Add a delicately trickling water feature and a comfy outdoor chair for total bliss.

Garden Decking West Lothian & Garden Decking Edinburgh

Love these ideas for garden decking Edinburgh and beyond? Have one of your own? Get in touch with us today and to get high quality, beautiful decking expertly installed in your garden.

Fencing Contractors Ensuring You Make The Right Choice

If you are planning on improving the exterior of your house by commissioning some new garden fencing and decking, you can rest assured that you are choosing the Edinburgh fencing experts.

Lothian Decking and Fencing offer a Professional Service

Erecting new garden fencing and adding decking to your garden can really transform the appearance of your home. We provide the best decking West Lothian has to offer. We are proud of our work and our reputation and will be delighted to show you examples of our work. If you enjoy relaxing in your garden after a hard day in the office, then an area of decking, where you can sit comfortably in the evening sun, will fit the bill. Entertaining outside is much simpler once you’ve installed decking, and no contract is too small or large for us. By commissioning our company, property owners have been able to transform their gardens by extending the entertainment area at the rear of their homes with the installation of decking. No two projects are ever the same and we offer:

  • A free planning and design service

  • A 10 year guarantee

  • We have been in the business for over 20 years so we know what we are talking about

  • We always use the highest quality materials

  • We aim to beat our competitors on price and on quality

  • All prices are fixed, we always stick to our quote

Our Garden Fencing Service is Second to None

No two gardens are alike, although a shoddy fence can give your garden an unkempt image. When you invest in smart new garden fencing, you’ll be able to upgrade the exterior of your home and enhance your garden. It’s no use having beautiful flowerbeds and a manicured lawn, if the first impression anyone receives from your home is of an old weatherworn fence. We supply the best fencing Edinburgh has to offer and are a reputable firm of fencing contractors. We always stick to our timetables and will cause the minimum of disruption to your busy life. Wooden fences come in different shades and colours and we will work with you to create the best possible design for your property. Take a look here for the best fencing West Lothian has to offer.

Garden Fencing Makes you Feel Secure

As well as improving the exterior of your house, well-built sturdy garden fencing will also make your property more secure. You’ll be able to maintain your privacy when you’re enjoying your garden, and you’ll never have to cut the hedge again. We will always work within the agreed timetable, with a minimum of disruption.

Get in Touch For a Free Tailor Made Decking or Fencing Quote

We’ll be delighted to come around and discuss your plans with you. If any other company has offered you another quote, we’ll see if we can beat it. We have already saved up to 40% for other clients, and we never compromise on the quality and integrity of our work. Why not get in touch today.

Garden decking - advantages and uses

Garden decking is a popular addition to many gardens for a variety of reasons. Decking acts as an excellent bridge between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home, providing additional space to entertain guests, an extra space for dining, or simply an area to relax in.

Among the many advantages of decking in the garden is its versatility. Decking can be particularly useful in gardens with slopes and can act as a cost-effective way to level out an area. Similarly, decking can act to cover over unsightly areas of tarmac or concrete, this can be applied to great effect on roof gardens, transforming formerly dull areas in to an attractive welcoming environment.

Modern decking comes in a wide variety of styles that can be installed in any home and compliment a variety of garden styles or become a focal point in an entirely new garden design. Decking can easily be placed around swimming pools or over water features such as a pond. However, the major advantage of decking beyond any suggestions we can provide is that it is hugely customisable so each and every customer can dream up their own personal design to suit their needs.

If decking is something you can see as part of your dream home and garden area then get in touch with Lothian Fencing and Decking for  a free no obligation, bespoke planning and design consultation.

 Lothian Fencing and Decking have been supplying and installing decking in West Lothiandecking in Edinburgh and Central Scotland as a whole for over 20 years and provide a 10 year guarantee on all workmanship.

Garden Fencing - Some of the benefits

There are many reasons why installing fencing within and around your garden is a good idea. Below we have put together a few of them:

  • Privacy -  Garden fencing can be a great way to ensure that your neighbours and passers-by can’t see into your property. An attractive garden fencing installation can also be installed so you can't see out, this is popular for those with a nice garden but less than attractive view

  • Security - Well installed garden fencing can offer you protection to your garden, your home and its contents, The right garden fencing installation can also ensure that animals can’t enter your garden and eat your vegetables of destroy plants and shrubs. 

  • Define Your garden Space - If you have a larger garden or spaces that are put to different uses, well designed garden fencing can be a great addition to your garden. For example, it can be used to screen off an old, ugly or untidy garden shed, act as an entrance to another part of the garden or ensure children or pets safety from a water feature. 
  • Design - There is no point in having a beautiful, well designed and maintaned garden that is ruined by an ugly old fence surrounding it. With so many styish designed fences available on the market and bespoke options available you can surround your beautiful garden with stunning fencing to compliment it.

If you are looking to transform your garden then contact Lothian Fencing and decking for a free no obligation, bespoke planning and design consultation

Lothian Fencing and decking have been supplying and installing fencing in West Lothian, fencing in Edinburgh and Central Scotland as a whole for over 20 years and provide a 10 year guarantee on all workmanship.