Creating the Perfect Modern Garden Space

We’d like to talk to you about your garden and how you can create the perfect modern garden space. No matter that your garden is small or large, or even unusually shaped there’s always a way to turn your garden into something really special. We’ve chosen 5 of our favourite tips for creating that extra special private space for you and your family. 

1 Fencing.

To begin with let’s look at something simple like your garden fencing. The fencing around your garden may be something you give relatively little thought to. After all it simply covers the perimeters of your garden and you may not even count it as part of the rest of it. However, your fencing has its own part to play. If your fencing is simply keeping people and animals out and is starting to look dilapidated and worn, then it may need a facelift.

It may only need a lick of paint, and you’d be amazed how much difference that can make. If you want your garden to be more inviting and less like a prison wall, then choose something that will make it look light and fresh. White or cream may give your garden the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is, or you could try something warmer like dark brown or black. By creating a solid and uniform backdrop to your garden you’re providing the perfect stage for what’s within.

2 Planting.

How you structure your plant beds can make a dramatic difference to how your garden will finally look. Repeated uniform patterns can hold your garden into one cohesive unit, and it doesn’t have to be complicated either. You can have rows of trees, plants situated at regular intervals with space in-between, these could be shrubs or some potted plants and possibly some ornaments. You can have your uniform shapes and patterns and then have the occasional looseness, with plants spilling out from unexpected areas of the garden creating some interesting contrast.

Choose one plant amongst all the others that lasts well throughout the warmer seasons, this will give your garden a regular colour and some permanence. By creating contrast, patterns and unique structures, you can create a garden that really does give a pleasing and calming effect.

3 Patio.

A stylish patio can have a dramatic impact on your garden. You can have it in any colour you want and not just stick to traditional grey. Slab tiles come in all kinds of different colours and textiles so just choose one that suits your personal tastes and the style of your house. 

4 Artificial grass.

You could easily opt for an artificial turf lawn that will take away a lot of the hard work of tending to your lawn. Although there’s an initial investment, you’ll easily make your money back with savings on energy bills through less use of water and electricity for mowing and other tools, herbicides and pesticides and other nasty chemicals to treat your lawn, and the hard work of tending to it week in week out throughout the year. It also looks great all year round and there’ll be no more muddy footprints and grass dragged into the house, leaving you with a pristine garden with lush green grass to enjoy. 

5 Lighting.

Lighting can have a dramatic impact on a garden. With strategically placed accent lighting for instance, you can create highlights for things you want to focus the eye on. For example, you may have some trees you’d like to accentuate or maybe you want to draw attention to the patio, or the garden decking. Lights can bring focus on things you’d like to people to see and if you want to create a mood, simple tea-lights in Manson jars hanging from tree branches or festoon lighting to create the impression of stars in the sky, turning it into a magical paradise. 

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