Artificial Turf in Sports

If you’re not aware of the amazing things you can do on artificial turf when it comes to sport, have we got some surprises for you. We’re not just talking about domestic properties either we’re talking about residential and commercial too.
We’ll go through some of the most popular and hopefully it’ll give you some great ideas.


Fake grass is great for football and it is far more sophisticated than it was when it was first used 20 years ago. Today, the synthetic grass they use is so much more authentic and durable, has a super resilient back that helps with drainage and non-slippage turf and better more improved ball control. The pile is longer on football pitches too and gives it a much more realistic look and feel. Studded boots can be worn which helps with grip, and it’s no wonder that more and more football clubs are having it installed. There’s a wide variety of choice when it comes to turf and you can have whichever pile length you think is suitable for your particular pitch. We can go over this together if you need help choosing.


Tennis has a lot of use for artificial grass and with the inclement British weather, it certainly helps to have it as a surface throughout tennis clubs in the UK. Artificial grass is a great alternative, with outdoor courts being used only after half an hour of rain because it dries so quickly, and of course indoor courts can be used all year round. You’ll be requiring a shorter pile for a tennis court, so you have good ball control, here at Lothian Decking and Fencing we have a range of options available.


You may be surprised to know that artificial grass is also used for hockey and alongside football was one of the first sports to embrace it. A lot of hockey is now played on an artificial grass pitch. Quality of play is always a priority, so a short pile is good for this type of game, so you’ll have the best in bounce, speed and control of the ball.


This game really has embraced synthetic grass, and it’s not surprising as it is so hard to maintain natural grass as a rule. There are savings in costs and time spent maintaining it, so it works out far more cost effective to use it. As with tennis it’s a popular indoor as well as outdoor surface to play on.

Lothian Fencing & DeckingThere are lots of other sports artificial grass is good for such as golf and cricket. Our main focus today has been on football, tennis, hockey and bowling. If you now think you’d like to invest in artificial grass for your sports venue, why not give us a call and we can talk you through your choices. On the other hand, you could be thinking about turning your back garden into a golf course – and why not? Just give us a call and we can talk you through it we’re always on hand to help.