Getting your Garden Ready this Summer 

We’re talking about getting your garden ready for summer this week, after all it’s nearly upon us and you want your garden looking the best it can. If you’re garden’s prepared, you’ll be ready for all that outside entertainment of guests and friends in the summer months. Not long ago we were thinking about winter and then spring – and now hey presto! Summer is almost here – and I know some of you will be relieved to hear it. If you have any queries regarding garden decking, fencing or artificial grass, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

De-Weeding and Planting Flowers.

Clean up your flower beds by removing dead heads and clearing away any weeds you find. This is a good time to plant new things, so get your flower, fruit or vegetable seeds and start planting. Also consider planting those which flowers in the summer so they’ll be ready in time for the hotter months. 

Getting your Grass in Shape.

Mow your lawn, but first aerate it with a gardening fork, this will encourage growth and help improve the drainage. It can even help the grass take in nutrients, so aeration is definitely a good idea! You only need to do this once a year, so it’s worth doing well. Try using some garden feed as your grass will be hungry and once it’s aerated and mowed, it’ll drink up those nutrients faster than you can say summer here we come!

Outdoor Lighting.

Lighting can add a real sense of ambience in a garden as well as adding a functional element. From simple tea lights in any bushes or trees on a barbecue night, to LED lights in the wall, or well concealed lights under your decking, it can really add a certain something. Of course, it’ll also give you peace of mind with that extra level of security when everything is well lit, and that goes for your front garden as well as the back. You can have lights over your front door, and in your back garden you can have lanterns, LED lights, lights hanging from trees or fences even – just go for it!

Putting Down Garden Decking.

If you’re thinking of laying down decking, do it now before the hotter weather arrives. Ideally, you should have had your decking laid down in the quieter months when your garden is least likely to be occupied. Always make sure you have a reputable expert put it together for you if you’ve left it late, rather than trying to do a rush job yourself.

If you already have garden decking, then you can simply give it a good clean. You can remove any debris and then once the area is clear, power wash it with a mild detergent and let it dry. Carry this job out when the weather is mild of course and then it’ll have time to dry off before people are walking on it, and it’ll prevent any slippages. 


Now is a great time for cleaning up and repairing your fences. They’ll be in need of freshening up, and you can do this by giving them a fresh lick of paint, carrying out any repairs that need doing (you should have spring-cleaned your gardening tools for just such a moment as this) and get them ready and upright for the summer months. If you require a completely new garden fence, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us today.

Lothian Decking and Fencing.

Finally, if you’re done with natural grass and having to mow it in time for the summer each year, you could always stop, and have it replaced with artificial turf. at Lothian Decking & Fencing we offer supply and installation artificial grass service. Our team are more than happy to do carry out work for you. It looks great all year round and that would only give you the decking (if you have any) and flower planting and fencing to consider. Give us a call or contact us online if you’d like to talk it through, we’d love to fill you in on how we work and show you how our other customers have enjoyed artificial turf installation too!