Choosing the right paint for your fence

It may seem unimportant but choosing the right paint for your fence is important as it can really compliment the building. Colour can make a garden seem bigger or smaller, so the colour does have some impact. You can also use paint preservatives, so you don’t have to always use traditional paint. 

Traditional whites, blacks or greys.

There’s a lot to be said for white – a traditional colour for garden fencing. It can give such a crisp, fresh feel to your garden, giving it a sense of being bigger than it really is. You can also try charcoal, black or light grey, grey is really in right now and will give your garden a minimal feel that will show off your garden plants and foliage. 

Bright colours.

You could go for some really bright colours and give your garden a makeover you won’t forget in a hurry. You could give it a coastal feel with a beach shed look by using possibly more than one colour or sticking to one bright primary colour. You could match it with garden accessories and furniture that compliments the main colours, giving your garden a bright and summery feel. Match with pots and large plant holders in splashes of colour all over the garden.

Soft pastels.

You can also use soft pastels which work great on smaller gardens and uneven fencing giving it a quaint and rural feel. Use flowers and foliage that compliment the colours you’ve used and then again, match your garden furniture and accessories to the main colour.

You don’t have to use paint, as we’ve mentioned earlier you can also use paint preservatives.

Preserve the wood and give it some colour at the same time.

There are some good quality preservatives out there which serve two purposes to preserve the wood (of course) and to give your fencing a better long-lasting shade of timbre that brings real warmth to your fencing. There are two types, water based and solvent-based. The solvent based is much better at preserving and penetrating the wood and helping to extend its life. If you have a pressure-treated fence panel then it will already have been treated.

Make sure your fence is in good condition before you paint it.

You want it to enhance the overall look of your garden to make the fence the main feature. Also, make sure your fence is in good condition because all the preservative in the world won’t make much difference if it’s dilapidated – and that goes for paint as well.

Green, blues or grey for your garden fencing.

Greens are great but can really kill the colour of the green of your plants, trees and foliage camouflaging it and giving it a dull appearance. Bright colours, again like paint, will give your garden a seaside, beach feel while strong darker colours such as blue or gunship metal may work well on one panel but on the entire garden might make it look overpowering and dark, and make your garden feel like it’s closing in on you.

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