Getting Your Garden Spring Ready

As the warmer approaches with spring, it’s only natural you’ll want to go out in it. While you’re out there you’ll probably want to pluck away at those fallen branches and clean up the debris you find lying around. Although the winter has been fairly mild, there’s still been some wind and rain that will have blown all sorts of rubbish into your garden. 

Removing dead plants, debris and old branches.

It’s good to get out there as it’s the perfect time to remove any dead plants for composting that have hung on until winter was over. You can also use this time to prune back any perennials you didn’t get around to pruning before autumn. Once you start to see new growth, which you will in spring, you can then prune them down and remove any mulch left over from winter.

Shrubs and ornamental grasses.

Shrub plants can be cut back at this time of year, this will give them some encouragement to grow new flowers, but make sure there’s not danger of any more frost. You know what they say, never cast a cloud till May is out. If you have any ornamental grasses, cut them back too. This is one plant where you won’t need to wait for a new growth first.

Cleaning gardening tools, cleaning and treating wooden furniture.

This is also a great time to wash and clean any tools and go over your furniture before you put it out, especially if you didn’t do it before the autumn. Wooden furniture may need treating first so it’ll last throughout spring and summer. You’ll need to do this when the weather’s dry and it has time to settle and dry properly before people start using it. Your garden fencing will probably need looking over too, any repairs can be carried out while the weather’s dry and preferably not too windy. 

Painting or staining your fence.

Painting will also need to be done in dry weather where it can dry slowly and then and take a second coat if needed, make sure you check the weather forecast first. It’s often cheaper to paint than it is to stain because you need more of it to complete your fence. Some stains however may absorb better than paint, so it’s up to you which one you prefer. Also, unlike paint, stain doesn’t chip and peel, it will simply fade over time. 

Lothian Decking and Fencing – Garden decking and Fencing.

For the best in garden decking and fencing there is throughout West Lothian choose Lothian Decking & Fencing. Now that you have an idea of how to get your garden into shape as spring approaches. Garden fencing is equally important and hopefully you’ll be able to get that ready for spring too. We hope you enjoy your garden now spring is here and that there are many warm nights for you spend out in it. In the meantime, if you have any further questions on what we’ve discussed today, or you have questions on any other relevant topic, such as fencing, decking or gardening in general, why not give us a call and one of our team will be more than happy to help.