Artificial Turf - 5 Key Benefits

Still on the fence about artificial turf?  Well, here you are and here we are, ready to convince you of the clear benefits so you’ll have a better understanding of what it is and what it can do for you. Artificial turf goes by a lot of different names, artificial grass, synthetic grass or fake grass, but it’s all the same thing. It’s a synthetic layer of materials made to look and feel as authentic as real grass.
It’s been around for many years and the reason why it’s increased in popularity is because it takes away all the hard work out of lawn maintenance and hard work that goes with having a natural lawn. For many people a natural lawn is enough and they’re great if you’re happy with the physical activity and maintenance that entails.

For others, a natural lawn is too much hard work, and this can be for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it’s because the owners of the property are elderly and need to cut back on physical work as it’s become too much for them, or it could be that they’ve suffered an injury and it’s no longer an option to have a natural lawn. 

What about you, what are your reason for considering artificial grass? Is it because you’re so busy you simply don’t have the time?
If you do make the switch to synthetic grass then there are some distinct benefits and we’ve chosen 5 of them for you today.

1 – No more maintenance.

We’ve already touched on this, but the lack of maintenance is wonderful. Yes, you’ll need to brush it occasionally, pick up solids and other debris if you have pets, and every now and again you’ll need to give it a gentle clean with soap and water, but that’s it. Otherwise it’s lush, green and clean all year round. No lawn mowing, minimal maintenance just a beautiful lawn.

2 – Yes, no lawn mowing.

That means you’ll save on energy bills, and you’ll also help the environment. As well as that you’ll save on water too because you won’t need to use a hose anymore, and that’ll not only help cut down on water bills it’ll also help the environment and you can stop worrying about hose pipe bans. 

3 – Allergies.

If you have any allergies and of course that might include family and any pets, then going outside in summer can be hellish. However, if you have artificial turf then this is almost eliminated. It won’t rid you completely if you suffer with tree pollen, however it will help with grass, and by removing it and replacing it with an artificial one you’re giving yourself and everyone else who suffers with it a respite. And then of course you’ll be able to go outside and enjoy the sun.

4 – No more mess.

We’ve already seen that if you have artificial grass you won’t have to worry about maintenance, but another nice little advantage is that you won’t have to worry about anyone dragging in mud and grass, and that includes pets too. No more of the dog dragging in mud and grass on his paws, and no more scrubbing the kitchen floor as you try to get rid of it. And of course, your lawn will look pristine and picture perfect all year round, bright green and beautifully manicured without you having had to do a stroke of work.

5 – No more chemicals.

Yes, that’s right, when you no longer have a natural grass lawn you won’t need to treat it with chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. This may kill off pests and weeds, but it’s also harmful to the environment. With artificial grass that’s a thing of the past.

So, do we have you convinced?

Then get in touch with us here at Lothian Decking & Fencing and we can talk you through our wide range of quality artificial grasses. We can’t wait to hear from you!