Relax in the Sunshine on Garden Decking

This beautiful weather means you can take real advantage of your garden decking. Naturally, you’ll be wanting to spend more time in your garden as a result, after all, why wouldn’t you?

Yes, go and relax in the sun….but stay safe!

So, yes, we definitely encourage you to spend time relaxing in the sunshine, while at the same time, we’d like you to stay safe. If you have garden decking, you’ll enjoy our tips on how to relax in your garden and stay cool. 

Hot weather is inviting, but don’t let yourself get over-exposed

What you need to consider in hot weather, especially if you’re going to be spending some time in the sun on your garden decking is that you’ll need a certain degree of shade. There’ll be periods during the day when the sun is at its hottest, and you’ll need to take yourself out of the sun’s glare. How? Well, rather than retreat into the house, you can create some shade on your decking. 

Make sure your garden decking has some shade

It can be anything, from a simple umbrella or parasol to a pergoda. Consider a pergola, awnings or canopies. Match colours and materials to fit in with your decking or the entrance to the decking, in otherwords the part of the house that meets your decking. Look for fusion of colours and a smooth transition into your garden. You could even create a gazebo on the other side of your garden opposite your decking so you have more than one place to sit during the hot sun. 

Stay hydrated

Yes, stay cool, when you’re out on your garden decking, hopefully, you’ll have some garden furniture. Make sure that if you intend spending a certain amount of time sitting out in it that you’ve made some cool drinks beforehand, or there’s plenty of water to hand. Also if you’re going to be doing some gardening while you’re out there in the thick of it, a) wear a hat that offers protection from the sun and b) drink plenty of water. Take plenty of breaks, and take yourself away from it and on to the decking for a cool drink and a rest. Don’t over do it. 

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So, if you have garden decking you’r very lucky and you’ll be able to spend ample time out in your garden where you can relax with friends and family. However, as we’ve already pointed out, make sure you drink plenty of water, wear a hat if you’re in an exposed area and when you’re on the garden decking – make sure you’ve got plenty of shade.

If you don’t have garden decking and you’re interested in having some installed get in touch. Once you’ve had it installed you can enjoy what’s left of this summer and have it ready for the next. Give us a call!