Garden Fencing Buying Guide

We’re talking about garden fences and more importantly about how to buy the one that’s right for you. So it’s a buyers guide and we’re hoping that you’ll find all you need to know here that will help you get it right first time, save money and have the right fence for your garden. 

Why are you having fencing installed?

Before you go out and buy your fence ask yourself what the fence is going to be for. If you have that worked out the rest is a little easier. You might want a fence that helps give you adequate privacy and security. Perhaps you live in an area of high crime or you get lots of foot traffic, if that’s the case then you’ll want a fence that isn’t too open and so people can see through it. You may want to open up your garden a little and have a more open, decorated fence in which case you’ll choose a fence with the right materials to facilitate this.

You need to determine the right height for your fence before choosing

You’ll need to think about whether you want to be able to see over it and in turn remember that they’ll be able to see in to yours. You can add extra height to your fence and that can be done with gravel or a trellis boards, and you can also add climbing plants to one with a trellis. 

You can often get fencing ready made, and this helps enormously if you’re only replacing one panel or you’re building a completely new fence. Wooden fencing in-particular come in timber slats and these come in a range of different designs. 

These include lap panels, and this type of design includes timber boards horizontally overlapping each other. Closeboard is the opposite with vertical panels overlapping. You can either buy them ready made or use single panels. 


The edges of your wooden fencing can be finished off with a fine edge known as feather edging or waney edge, which are timber boards that come with a straight and rough edge, and an uneven one that has been cut straight from a tree. 

Metal fencing

Metal fencing is normally a railing design and can look classic while also giving your garden a more minimalist contemporary look. The top shapes and edging can be in spears, swirls or balls and the height is usually around the standard 1.8m, much like most wooden fencing.

Aluminum or composite fencing

You can also have more modern composite or aluminum fencing which can give your property a sleek, modern look - if that’s what you’re looking for. You’ll probably need to take into consideration the overall look of your property as well as any other considerations, some of which we’ve touched on today. 

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We hope you’ve found our guide on garden fencing useful. Here at Lothian Decking and Fencing we pride ourselves on our versatile range of quality garden fencing, so if you’re looking to replace single panel or build a whole new fence from scratch, we can help you choose the right fence for you. Get in touch today.