Spring Clean Your Garden

Have you spring cleaned your garden yet? Now is the perfect time to get started, but if you think you need a bit of help, then you couldn’t have come to a better place to get it. Here at Lothian Decking and Fencing we’re all for helping our customers get the most out of their garden. So, stay tuned while we go through some useful tips on keeping your garden in tip top condition.

Get Rid Of All That Winter Debris

Removing debris is the first step to approaching your spring tidy up. Your garden will have taken a battering over the autumn and winter months, however now you have a chance to get all that rubbish cleared away, so you can get your garden ready for spring. Try using a rake or broom to get all those broken off branches and leaves together, and be thorough, include any other debris that’s landed in your garden and then just place it in a wood chipper or just place directly into your compost.

It’s A Great Time To Start Pruning and Trimming

The next step is to take a careful look at your bushes and hedges to see what needs a gentle prune and trim. Trim them back carefully, only touch those that have become overgrown and ones which are damaged. If you have trees in your garden and they need a trim, and don’t feel you’re able to tackle it then call in a professional.

Plant Any New Seeds And Plants Now

This is a good time to start planting so check any dates on new plants you’ve bought recently. However, if you have some which you’re not really supposed to plant now, do it anyway if you feel they’re strong enough to survive a few cool days before the warmer temperatures arrive.

Are You Planning On Any Major Changes To Your Garden?

Do you have any plans for your garden, like landscaping, plans that involve radically changing the design of your garden? Draw it on paper first and draw out the trees and plants you intend having in your newly designed garden. It might be a good idea once you’ve got a clearer plan of how you want your garden to look, to discuss it with a professional landscaper/gardener before making any purchases.

Lothian Decking and Fencing – For Quality Landscaping and Beautifully Designed Gardens

If you need advice on your garden spring clean, or if you’re hoping to make some drastic new changes to your garden, why not get in touch with one of our experienced landscapers, we’re always here to help, and if you’re looking to change your garden and you’d prefer to leave it in the hands of a professional we can certainly help you with that, just give us a call today.