Best Time to Install Decking

When should you be installing your decking? We’re going to be looking at this today, and if think that because it’s winter there’s no point in starting now, you couldn’t be more wrong, because it’s the perfect time of year for this. It is actually highly recommended you have your decking installed in winter.

Quieter Times Means Quicker Decking Installations

Why? Well, there are many advantages to having your decking installed in winter. Firstly, builders are usually not as busy, and this means you won’t have to wait as long to have it done. It may also cost a little less at a quieter time of year. Due to the drop-in sales during the winter months, you’ll save some money, so as you can see there are some distinct advantages to having your decking installed in winter.

Dry Seasons With Less Humidity Means Better, More Stable Installations

Winter is a dryer season with less humidity that during the warmer months, therefore the wood will stabiliser much quicker and dry much more evenly. You’ll also find that the wood is less likely to get damaged during the installation, too much sun can cause the wood to crack and warp.

You’re Less Likely To Wait When You Order Decking in Winter

During the rest of the year most people are ordering their decking, and with this in mind, it’s difficult to get someone within a shorter period of time as they are so busy. During winter you’re far more likely to get a quicker, more efficient service, and the time you have to wait to have it done will be very much reduced.

Barbecues and Sitting Out in Spring

So then, if you want to have your decking in time for spring and summer, having your decking installed in winter is an excellent idea. And finally, if you get it done now, if we have early summer warmth in spring, your decking will be ready in time for barbecues, and you’ll be able to sit out in it much earlier without having to wait for it to be installed first.

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