The benefits of artificial grass during winter

Autumn brings with it the rain and wind, but when winter arrives on the scene it brings with it frost and snow. If you’ve had artificial grass installed recently, you may be concerned as to how you’re going to make it through those frosty days. Don’t worry we’re here to reassure you of the benefits of artificial grass in winter, and help you realise that your annual high maintenance garden timetable is now at an end. 

Easy to install, easy to love

Artificial grass is easy to install and although this involves an investment on your part, you’ll find that you easily get your money back over the years. There’ll be no mowing, you can forget the use of harmful chemicals, and allergies will be a thing of the past. What’s more, in winter taking care of your artificial grass is a doddle. 

Forget the prep, bring in the warm evenings inside

When you had a natural lawn, you’d need to do a certain degree of prep, this would include weeding, mowing and raking to ensure your lawn made it through the winter relatively unscathed. However, with artificial grass all you need do is brush it in readiness with a soft brush and that’s it. You leave it until the weather perks up and then you can go outside and enjoy your garden again. Naturally, you’ll still need to check your plants and give them a pruning and general tidy up, but that’s it. 

Easy does it and let your garden sit the winter out

Artificial grass in winter is easier because there’s nothing you really need to do in preparation. Natural grass on the other-hand can be hard work. And once the frost goes away, there’ll be more hard work. There’ll be mud, bald patches and a sickly shade to the grass that’ll take weeks to heal and make right. Artificial grass? Well, it’ll stay green and lush all year round, even in winter and beyond. You’ll have a crisp bright lawn at the start of winter, and you’ll have a crisp bright lawn when it ends. 

Want to cover your artificial grass lawn?

If you’re expecting a particularly bad snowstorm with freezing temperatures that are more extreme than usual, you may find that covering your artificial grass lawn with a light tarpaulin sheet gives you that extra bit of protection and peace of mind. Having said this, your artificial grass should be fine right through to the spring uncovered.  Always make sure you pick a good quality retailer and choose a sturdy, hard-wearing grass that will see you through the bad times and everything that winter can throw at it. 

Invest in artificial grass now and reap the rewards over the next few years

By investing in artificial grass this winter you’ll be investing in your garden and giving yourself time out from endless garden maintenance. When preparing for winter, all you’ll have to think about is the borders of your garden, any trees you may have in it, and any garden furniture and decking or patios. Otherwise, it’s bye bye hard work and hello snug and comfy sofa this winter. 

Lothian Decking and Fencing - Artificial grass benefits for winter and beyond

Do you think you’re now interested in investing in artificial now you realise how amazing it is? Why not give us a call and we can help you decide on the best type of artificial grass for your lawn and install it for you too. Give us a call today.