Hints and Tips For Creating a Stylish Garden

If you’re looking to give your garden a makeover and make it look as stylish as possible with the onset of autumn, we’ve got good news for you. We’re going to giving you some hints and tips on producing clever additions to your garden such as focal points, landscape views and what garden products might be of value in your garden style arsenal, so read on and find out how to make your garden the best it’s ever been.

Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme before you start and try to stick to it. It could be one or two, or even three colours. Use paler versions on the pathways to complement a stronger colour for your accessories, or vice versa. Paint walls and fences any colour you want, but the paler it is will help make your plants and accessories stand out.

Planting Structure

Plants should be uniform in pattern, so it holds the whole thing together. A row of smaller plants can be placed in intervals giving a beautiful order to their arrangement. You can clash shapes and order by turning your lawns and pathways into crazy geometric shapes in opposition to the flower beds. Straight lines for pathways even, if that’s what you prefer, with less uniformity surrounding it.

Focal Points

You don’t have to have a focal point, but it’s a nice addition if you do. Its job is to bring your garden into focus in the best way possible. Simply grouping your plants in a certain way or placing something in a specific area such as a bench or a chair, or even a large plant container can work in bringing the attention to this item and to the rest of what it is you want people to focus on. The object might lead to a long pathway that leads to a landscape view or a wall of beautifully arranged climbing plants.


We mentioned accessories earlier, and by that we meant furniture and ornaments. These can add some finesse and some beautiful finishing touches. Think about how they can match the plant patterns and the straight or geometric lines of the pathways. You can also seek out vintage, or just simply unusual pots and containers that come in all shapes and sizes. Use your colour scheme and go for bright shades or more muted ones. 

Light Up

Lighting is one other finishing touch that can add some serious style to your garden. Think of focus spotlights, ambient lighting, wall lights or even simple lanterns, it can add mood and depth at night completing your stylish garden beautifully. 

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