January Gardening Tasks

January is one of the hardest months for your garden, and with the cold weather it’s enough to give you the January blues. However, rather than staying indoors while the weather rages outside, what can you do to keep your garden going till spring arrives?

Leaves and Debris

This is a good time to clear anyway any more leaves and debris that may be lying around. The winter will have brought with it the storms, snow, sleet and gale force winds, so now is a good time, once it’s a bit calmer, to clear away all the rubbish in your garden. And that’ll include any that may have strayed in from other people’s gardens too. Use a rake to clear the debris away or you may prefer to use a broom.

Spring Clean Your Greenhouse

It may seem early for a spring clean but there’s no better time than now to get that greenhouse clean, both inside and out. The roof will have taken a bashing through the storms, so it’s a good time to clear it and give it a good wipe down. If you have tools in the shed that are in need of a good clean, then now is the perfect time to get them ready for use in the spring. Any lawnmowers may need servicing, and now while they’re not in use is a great time to get this done.

Shelter Hour Plants and Offer Them Some Protection From Bad Weather

If you haven’t yet done it, you could cover your new plants with a shelter. This will give them good protection from the strong winds. You could over any shrubs you have in containers into the greenhouse. You can also use netting or a fleece to protect plants from the frost and snow and any trees should be tied and staked to offer protection against wind and rain. Keep winter indoor house plants in a cool dry place and not near any radiators, and remove dead leaves and flowers as you find them.

Lothian Decking and Fencing – For The Best In Garden Knowledge

Taking pride in your garden can be all year round, not just in the warmer months. We believe it’s worthwhile to take care of your garden throughout autumn, winter, spring and summer, and that way you have less to worry about and no back log of backbreaking work to catch up with. If you want a garden that’s easy to care for, you need to work on it all year, so start the year right and get your garden up to speed. And if you have any further questions about what we’ve talked about today, get in touch with us here at Lothian Decking and Fencing, we’re always here to help.