Garden Decking Maintenance Over Summer

Once you’ve bought your garden decking and then installed it you may think the hard work is over and you can simply enjoy it, and while this is mostly true, you will need to carry out a certain amount of maintenance. This will be in the form of treating it and cleaning it. In this post, we’re going to be talking about how you can go about doing this, so you can maintain your decking’s attractive appearance and improve its longevity.

Old Treatments or Stains Can Be Removed With a Good Power Wash

Firstly, has your decking been treated with a stain, oil or any type of treatment? If it’s wood then your decking will definitely need to be treated so it doesn’t turn colour. If it is a little silver or grey already, or if it looks a little dry, then it’s probably never been treated or it’s been a while. This could be decking you’ve inherited with the property you’ve bought – it may also be peeling or flaking and this could be due to a coloured finish which is now a little old. What you can do is power wash your decking to remove any old stain or finish and any mould or algae. Use water and don’t try using a detergent as this could harm the wood. Let it dry once you’ve finished and then you can treat it again anew.

Always Keep Your Decking Free of Debris

One of the most important things to get you started is to keep debris off it as often as possible. Debris is usually things like pollen, which in itself can cause misery with allergies. Then it’s dirt, dust, leaves and sand. If it builds up then you have a film of dirt that can rise up when it’s windy, so get a soft broom and sweep now and again so you’re on top of it.

Garden Decking Décor Update

Once you’ve given your decking a clean, whether it was a power wash or a simple brushing, followed by new round of treatment, you can then think about the aesthetics. Depending on the season, you’ll probably have a different kind of décor for the time of year. You can make it festive nearer Christmas, more colourful and fresh in summer, and in spring perhaps a few flowers to celebrate the arrival of new plants and flowers.

Garden Decking Specialists

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