Why Invest in Artificial Turf This Summer?

Are you wondering whether artificial turf is right for you this summer? If you are then let us spend some time convincing you of its benefits. We know how great artificial turf is and that’s why we sell it, we’ve seen how it’s been able to transform people’s gardens and make gardening a much lower maintenance thing all round. This means there’s more time for you to spend outdoors entertaining friends and family than having to care for natural grass. Read on to discover how artificial grass could make your life a whole lot easier.


If you suffer from this debilitating condition then you’ll only know too well how much of a nightmare it can be when you go outdoors. It really does mean less time out in the sunshine and less time outside in the garden with friends. Artificial grass will pretty much eliminate all that for you, if your main allergies are grass related then say goodbye to your natural lawn and a big hello to artificial grass. You’ll be able to spend time out in the summer without sneezing and having your eyes water, those awful symptoms which make going out in the garden such a chore.

Artificial Grass, Versatile and Natural Looking

It’s true that in the past artificial grass has had a bad rap, and before more sophisticated materials were used, it was pretty awful. In fact, it was easy to identify as artificial grass because it looked so fake an unnatural. That’s not the case anymore because artificial grass is come a long way. Not only is it better made, there are different varieties to choose from, making it versatile as well as durable. It’s aesthetically pleasing in an authentic way, making your grass lawn look real, with lush looking green grass throughout the year – without any of the hard work.

Little to No Maintenance

Yes, there’s little to no maintenance with artificial grass, no herbicides and no pesticides, no mowing and no watering, so it’s kind to your pocket, the environment and to your nose! If there are any hose pipe bans this summer, you won’t have to worry about it because your garden won’t need watering. All it will need is the occasional brushing and wiping over with a damp towel.

Pets are Going to Love It

If you have pets, then don’t worry, any solids can be picked up from the surface and liquids will drain away beneath.

Children won’t be bringing the half the garden in with them!

If you have children, then perhaps you’re tired of them bringing in grass and mud from the garden, leaving your house muddy mess, with artificial grass you can forget that. What you’ll find is that there’ll be no more puddles, no more patches, no more grassy carpet, your children can play outside and come in without half the garden attached to them!

Artificial grass has advanced exponentially

Artificial grass has had such a bad rap in the past, but it’s come on in leaps and bounds since then become the favourite for many domestic as well as commercial properties. It’s also popular indoors as well as outdoors, but for summer you’ll find it’s the perfect outdoor solution for hay-fever sufferers and the perfect host for exuberant children and happy bouncy pets!

Lothian Decking and Fencing for helping to make your garden perfect

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