Garden Decking Ideas

Do you have garden decking? It may be something you already have, or something you are considering investing in. Garden decking is a great way of relaxing and entertaining outdoors during the summer months. It’s also good for increasing the value of your property, decking can really swing the balance if someone is looking to buy. As part of the fixtures and fittings, decking gives that extra oomph that another similar property won’t have.

Jazzing up the garden decking

If you want to make your decking look that little bit more interesting, how can you do it? Whether it’s to make it more interesting to sell or purely for your own pleasure, we’ve come up with some ideas which may help jazz up your garden decking. If you’re interested in giving your garden decking a makeover then read on to find out how.


This is edging around your decking that’s made from either brick or gravel. You’ll just need a little extra decking and some coloured gravel. Just add some weed membrane so you won’t have any weeds come through, and you’ll have a really fabulous looking professional finish.


Rather than just have wooden boards, why not have an area within your decking where you can place either an herb garden or plants. A little greenery can make the decking seem less boring and vanilla, adding a little nature and an interesting talking point.


Obviously, you’ll be considering seating for your decking, but have you considered matching seating? You can make it out of the same decking boards you used to create your garden decking and create storage areas within it at the same time. With raised decking, you can have built in seating with storage beneath. This will also help to keep clutter to a minimum.

Lights – You can easily provide lighting to your decking without it having to be a complicated affair. It can help create mood and ambience to evening entertainment. You could have lighting fitted to the decking or have it with lights already fitted, some decking tiles come with pre-fitted lighting. This has the ability to make your decking look a little more expensive and high end.

Drinks - How about adding a drinks cooler, for the ultimate in summer entertainment? You could use simple materials to create it, such as using outdoor guttering, or any material that allows for drainage and fits in within the decking boards. It’ll need to be strong enough to add ice and bottles, but it’ll be a really interesting addition to entertaining guests.


Your decking will certainly have a polished look if you have handrails around it. You can opt for glass and metal for a more industrial, minimal look or try something fun like rope. Whatever you use, it’ll add extra style to your decking.

If you are looking to install garden decking get in touch with us here at Lothian Decking & Fencing and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.