Security Garden Fencing

Depending on where you live, whether it’s for your home or a commercial property, security fencing is going to be of great importance to you. You should consider security throughout the entire property, but naturally the perimeters are going to be worthy of a little more attention.

Spend time considering what type of fencing will do the job best

Security fencing can be a good deterrent to word-be burglars and help protect your property from criminals. By spending time considering the type of fencing you have on the perimeters of your property, you may create a useful and effective way of stopping anyone from breaking in.

Metal security fencing – There are types of metal security fencing, steel, bow top and steel palisade. Wire mesh and steel palisade offer higher security but all three are useful.

High security fencing is good for all kinds of different property

If you’re going for medium and high security fencing then you’ll need to consider the kind of threats your property will face before deciding on what type to aim for. As we’ve already mentioned, wire mesh and steel palisade offer the best security, they’re good for factories, warehouses, prisons and airports, so they’re known for being effective.

The best obstacle and deterrent

They can help to create a hard to breach obstacle in the way of criminals, they’re tough to climb or get past and look very imposing. This type of fencing is good as a first line of defence, and are a visual threat to anyone who’s considering breaking and entering. The type of fencing we’ve discussed so far is designed specifically as a barricade against forced entry. They’re high and it can be too dangerous for anyone to attempt at climbing it.

If they can’t climb it they may try to break through it, however the time it takes to break through such sturdy fencing is enough time for them to be discovered, or for your security team to apprehend them, and enough time to for you to call the police.

CCTV and electronic access control can support your high security fencing

Metal is a sturdy material and can easily stand up to brute force, but if you feel security fencing isn’t enough on its own, you could invest in CCTV cameras and electronic access control. Never forget however, that a good quality steel fence will always provide solid foundation against first attempts to get through the perimeters of your property.

In summary then, have high security fencing as a deterrent and follow it through with other security measures

As we’ve already seen, the visual impact of a good quality high security fence is enough to deter any criminals from attempting a break in, and even in the unlikely event they manage to break through, after the time it’s taken for them to get over or through the fencing, any other security measures you’ve taken will catch them before they get any further. Other security measures we’ve discussed might be CCTV cameras and electronic access control.

If you’re after high security fencing for the parameters of your property, get in touch with us here at Lothian Decking & Fencing and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.