Why Choose Wooden Decking?

If you’re investing in some decking, then you’re probably going to choose wood simply because it’s what we most associate with garden decking. There are different types of wooden decking such as hardwood or softwood, and you can also have PVC if you prefer. We’re going to be talking about wooden decking in this post and convince you of its virtues, and why it’s always such an excellent choice for your home.

You’ve already decided to have garden decking, and the reasons you’ve chosen to have it is probably because it provides such a versatile and elegant way to entertain, providing unique seating space and an area to relax. You can even have a pool or hot tub area, so you can loosen up in style at the end of a busy day.

What are the advantages of wooden decking?

Keep in mind that wood is a natural material, yes stating the obvious, but this natural occurring material is a sustainable resource and so eco-friendly, much more so than manmade decking.

Wood – a unique, beautiful material to work with

What you’ll also find is that there’s no two pieces of wood the same, each sharing its own unique set of patterns, colour and hue. You’ll also be pleased to know that wooden decking is a lot cheaper than PVC or composite decking. Of course, wood will need some tender loving care as it can be susceptible to cracking, warping and rot. However, a little care and attention over which type of wood you purchase should help, so spend some time choosing between soft and hardwood.

Hardwood – Hardwood is either elm, teak, oak, maple, birch or cherry, and all of these are renowned for their density, which in turn makes them extremely durable. They can last for over 20 years, so you certainly get your money’s worth if you buy garden decking made from a hardwood. The only downside is that they are a little more expensive than softwood, although you may consider this a worthy investment in terms of what you get back.

Softwood – Softwood consists of spruce, pine and cedar and they are all far less dense than hardwoods. They come from coniferous trees and can last as long as hardwoods as long as they’re treated first. This will usually consist of a preservative that is consistent with British Standards EN 335.

Making an informed decision and adding value to your property

Always make an informed decision before you buy so that when you do come to purchase your garden decking, you’re choosing something you really love, and something that you’re going to get years of pleasure from. It’s also part of the fixtures and fittings and should add value to your property, so make sure you’ve made a sensible decision over the materials you’re going to use. For the best results possible, and for a long-lasting, strong garden decking, make sure you use a professional to install it, and that way it’ll last a lifetime.

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