5 Signs That You Need New Fencing

A broken garden fence is usually a good sign that it needs replacing, however there may be more subtle signs that you’re in need of new fences and that’s what we’re going to be discussing today. Yes, most fencing lasts a lifetime, but sometimes you’ll be unlucky and have some that don’t, and you’ll need to replace it. Naturally, it helps if you take good care of your fencing and regularly maintain it, but what signs should you be looking out for that scream replace me?


A leaning fence is one of the most visible signs of damage and is usually caused by structural weakness. This can be due to poor weather conditions such as rain and wind, which are the most likely culprits. If it’s not too bad, the lean can be repaired with minor adjustments, however if it’s too bad, then it may be that the whole of the fence needs to be replaced.


There can be a number of reasons why a fence rots quickly, it could be because it’s preservatives have stopped working, and once these have lost their power to resist rot then they’ll decay even faster. Depending on how much the decay has spread it may be worthwhile to replace it with new fencing, rather than just one or two parts replaced with new panels.


Repeated damage is also a sure-fire way of seeing the end to your fence. This can be caused by anything from football, children and animals. Minor repairs can be administered over time, but there’s only so long you can continue to repair before the fence is beyond help.

Loose ‘Parts’

You’ll find that the older your fence gets the more repairs it needs as bits of the fence and much needed fasteners fall off, for whatever reason, and make it hard to stay erect.


Your fencing can lose colour over time and you might not be too overly bothered about this as long as your fencing continues to perform. However, should you decide to sell your property in the future, you may feel it’s worth the effort to spruce up the property with a few layers of paint or to completely replace it. This may be more urgent if the fence is subjected to strong sunlight which could lead to splitting and fracturing.

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