How to Maintain Your Decking This Winter

You have decking, and the question is, when winter comes how can you maintain it? If you leave it, then once spring comes you’ll have a rather unpleasant and unkempt garden decking to deal with. So, winter is an ideal time to keep it in check, so you don’t have any nasty surprises to deal with once the warmer months arrive.

Clean Your Decking

It may seem blindingly obvious, but not everyone realises the importance of cleaning your decking regularly. It’s cost effective and will help your decking last longer. Check your decking for any debris and sweep it all away before cleaning. There may be debris and moss too that will have formed over the decks. You can use a broom to remove it, sweeping firmly to get rid of it. After you’ve completed this exercise, you want to use a hose pipe to clean it down, the pressure washing effect should be good enough to remove any build-up of debris.

The Weather Can Do Its Worst

There’s no hard and fast rule on how often you should clean it, but depending on the weather conditions where you are, some of you may have to clean it more often than others. The weather is always the nasty culprit, and if it’s especially rough and windy where you are, or you get a lot of rain, then it may be necessary and beneficial for you to clean your garden decking more often.

Protect Your Decking

It makes sense that in order to maintain your garden decking you protect it. To do this you can rely on a range of good quality products from hardware stores that will help protect your garden decking. The three main ones are protector, stain and oil.

A protector will help absorb water, so it creates a layer of protection over the wood, you can’t see it, but it will be effective and help your decking avoid wood rot. A stain will come in different colours and will help weather proof your wood. If you decide to use a decking oil, you’ll find this is a product which will replace the natural oils in your decking and give it colour. These layers will help protect your decking against the elements, helping it to look amazing. It’ll also help keep it good condition against knocks and scuffs from animals or humans, so it’ll always look in pristine condition.

Naturally, as you can imagine, winter weather is when your decking is at risk of attack. It’s now in these colder, wetter months that you give it the protection it needs. You could give even more protection once you’ve cleaned it and applied oil/stain/protection. You could apply a protective cover and leave it there till the worst is over, and this will also protect it from ice and snow. Don’t leave it on too long however, or you could leave it at risk of condensation and that can cause its own kind of damage, and it doesn’t look good either. Let the decking have some air, so don’t apply it too tightly or leave it on for too long.

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