Your Guide to Garden Decking Design

Are you thinking of having some garden decking installed? It’s wise move, because not only will you be able to spend many years enjoying it along with your friends and family, you’ll also increase the value of your property.

We’re going to be looking at garden decking design, and we’re hoping give you some tips on how to make it look as perfect as you want it too.

Garden Decking Patterns

Just the simple way you lay out your wood can make a difference to your garden. When planning your decking, take a look around and see what it is you’d like to change or improve about the way it looks. If you have some areas which are deprived of space, why not take the attention away from that and use narrow bands of hardwood which leads out on to the horizon. Hardwood is a great choice as it can really set the scene for your garden, and by changing the direction in which the bands of wood go, you can really create a beautiful scene, by going either diagonally or at perpendicular intervals.

Garden Decking Structure

A good structure is essential and if well made can carry the weight of planters and garden furniture. It can hide things too, such as lighting cables and irrigation pipes, so while everything is beautifully laid out on the top, all the stuff that helps to make it work is underneath where it can’t be seen. If you want to have handrails, planters, vases, furniture and perhaps some cooking equipment on your decking, then making sure the structure is strong enough is important. Discuss this with your builder/designer.

Garden Decking Steps

Consider some steps as part of your decking, it’s a great feature and if you install lighting beneath, then it creates a really gorgeous effect in the evening. If you have enough space you could even consider creating deeper steps and adding plants to the side, so you create a beautifully scented and colourful scene.

Garden Decking Lighting

Use lighting carefully so it adds drama and excitement at night and can remain shut off during the day so they don’t distract from the design of your decking. LED strips are good because they’re really effective for your garden in the evening and they don’t create glare.

Mixing Materials

Mixing a different materials with the wood of your decking is a great idea. You can balance contemporary designs with a more old fashioned look, and create a warm, intimate space. Stone is one material you could consider, it’s a material that blends in well with decking to form an exciting and vibrant scene.

Mixing materials – Hardwoods and Softwoods

You can also mix woods together to create strong, durable garden decking. You also create different patterns and shades, and this can make for an interesting dynamic and a great talking point.

Lothian Fencing & Decking – Quality Garden Decking

Are you looking to create a scene in your garden? If you’re looking to create a stunning view of the landscape from your garden and you want garden decking, then get in touch with us here at Lothian Fencing & Decking. We can talk you through your many choices and help to create something dynamic, an area which you’ll turn to again and again when you want to entertain, or simply sit outdoors when you need to relax.