A Guide to Garden Fencing

We’re going to be looking at some basics of fencing today, and we hope you’ll go away feeling a lot more informed. If you’re planning on putting up fencing yourself, or even just fixing some existing fencing, then we hope this guide will help you.

Fence Choice

Choosing fencing will largely depend on what type of garden you have. Think about privacy, how much or little you think you need, the weather conditions you’re likely to get there, and how strong you think you need your fencing to be.

Picket Fencing

This is an attractive type of fencing and can be bought in a variety of different styles. This is great for small cottages with small gardens where you don’t have too much to worry about regarding weather conditions.

Picket fencing is also known as palisade fencing, it’s available in a variety of different sizes and creates a really attractive and uniform look for your garden.

Trellis and Lattice Panels

Although similar to picket fences, they are made so you can see people coming, it’s really useful if you need to see people before they get close to the house. You could just use trellis and lattice panels as additions to your already existing fencing to help with privacy. It’s great for adding an extra partition in your garden and for dividing it up if that’s what you need. You can even create a wall display with it. This type of fencing is great as standalone panels so you have a more open style of fencing.

Close Board Fencing

a type of fencing which is arranged vertically, supported by rails which are arranged horizontally between timber posts. This type of fencing is great for strength and sturdiness, so if you live somewhere where the weather is frequently bad with strong winds, then this could be the best type of fencing for you.

If you’re looking for elegance and something that blends easily into the background, then close board fencing could be for you. It’s available in a variety of different heights and it’s great for privacy, as well as providing protection from the elements.

Garden Fencing Experts

If you need new fencing and you’re still a little unsure about what’s best for your garden, or perhaps you just want to add something extra to your already existing fencing, then get in touch.

Here at Lothian Decking and Fencing, we’re experts at garden fencing and we’re more than equipped to advise, and as well as that we’re qualified and trained to install too. Not everybody wants to install their own fencing, so if you don’t think you want to tackle it, then ask us about that aspect of our service.

New fencing can serve many different purposes, and as we’ve seen, there are different types, it’s just a question of finding the right one. As well as maintaining privacy and giving your garden protection, fencing can also add an attractive element to your garden, so let us help you choose.