How to Clean Garden Decking with a Pressure Washer

If you’re thinking of washing your garden decking, you’re probably preparing both the deck and yourself. It may have been awhile since you cleaned it, or it may be the first time, and now you realise it needs a good clean. Cleaning garden decking isn’t the hard work it may seem, and it’s much easier to take care of than you think. However, you may be a little concerned about using a pressure washer.

Pressure Washing Rids Your Garden Decking of Stubborn Dirt

In this post we’re going to be going over the use of a pressure washer to clean your garden decking, as a way of getting rid of stubborn stains. Using a pressure washer is a good way of getting rid of any lichen, moss and algae and by using a pressure washer, you save yourself the hard work of having to use a broom, although it might be a good idea to brush quickly before you use the washer, however this will be fairly minimal. It will remove any debris, grime and dirt so your decking is beautifully clean once you’ve finished.

Before you start, make sure you clear your patio of everything, this is anything from pots, plants and any furniture. Use a broom to brush loose debris away. Now you’re ready.

Your Hose Should Be of a Certain Length and Thickness

Connect the hose and allow the water to run freely from it, the hose itself should be of reasonable length so you can use it with ease, perhaps at least 7.5m and at least around ½ an inch in thickness. Make sure the hose is free of kinks or potential knots. Once your pressure washer is connected to the electricity supply, you can now apply some detergent to help dissolve any stubborn dirt on the garden decking. You can also possibly get a detergent that helps add some protection to your decking and protect the surfaces from further weather damage.

Using Specialist Detergents on Garden Decking

When you are pressure washing your garden decking there is detergents that come specifically with UV protection as well as helping to rid your decking of stubborn dirt. This may be a better alternative to using a nozzle, because the use of nozzles on the end of a pressure washer can make the stream of water considerably more powerful. This won’t help your garden decking and could damage it, a nozzle is usually best for stone or brickwork. Your pressure washer should come with some sort of pressure control, so it might be best to turn it down to a reduced setting so you don’t risk damaging your decking.

Quality Garden Decking From Professionals

If you need any further advice or guidance with regards to pressure washing your garden decking, or cleaning your decking in general, then please get in touch, we’re here to help.