How to Clean Your Wooden Decking

If you're new to wooden decking and you've been enjoying it since it's installation, you may be looking at it now and and beginning to realise it needs a good clean. Perhaps you're concerned about which technique you should use and which cleaning products are best. We're going to be talking about how to clean your wooden garden decking, so you can clean it without fear of damage, or worry that you're doing it the wrong way.

It's Time to Clean That Garden Decking

Your garden decking looks amazing when it's new. It sits there as an inviting area in which to sit during the warmer months and you've been happy to entertain guests on it. However, as its aged it starting to look a bit lived in, which is great, because wood is full of character as it gets older. Thing is, you do need to maintain it, it needs a good clean every now and again to keep it in good condition.

Start With a Simple Sweep

If you maintain the integrity of the wood, it will serve you well over the years. To start simply, make sure you clean away any debris lying around the decking. Sweeping away debris on a fortnightly basis can make a real difference to the decking which you will see in next to no time.

Wash the Decking Once a Year

On an annual basis it's a good idea to wash the decking completely. Before you do this make sure you clear away any furniture, plants and any small items before you start. Remove rubbish by hand and then carry out your usual sweep of the area, check any debris that may be trapped between deck boards.

It's Time to Bring the Garden Hose Out

If you have a garden hose then that's great, but you can purchase one at any DIY/garden store if you haven't. You'll also need a spray attachment which will be powerful enough to clean the deck and rinse away dirt. If you can spot heavily stained or heavily muddied areas on the decking, switch the hose onto full power and aim at the dirtiest areas. Rinse the entire deck afterwards.

Cleanse and Wash

If you're wondering which solution to use to cleanse and clean the deck, then a mild solution of laundry washing up powder/detergent is more than sufficient. Then use a brush again around the entire deck and finish off by using the garden hose once more to remove the solution.

Mildew & Algae

If you have any mildew or algae it may need something a little stronger to remove, so a solution with a little bleach on it will suffice, but don't use too much in case you damage the decking. Always make sure you rinse away the bleach afterwards. Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying sealant.

After it's dried and sealed, you can put all your garden furniture back along with any other items you keep on the decking.

Lothian Fencing & Decking

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