5 Common Decking Problems & Solutions

1 Slippery Decking

Make sure you treat your garden decking so it won’t be slippery. Using anti-slip decking paint and varnish will help, however these may deteriorate over time and both flake and peel. You may be better off treating your decking with anti-slip decking oil.

2 Blackened Decking

The winter season can cause real problems for your garden decking and blackening of the wood is one of them. It’s usually caused by fungus on wet wood. You need to act quickly if you see this happening. Buy yourself a good quality mould and mildew cleaner and this should help clean the black stains away from your decking. This is a strong fungicidal wash which is made specifically to kill off fungi, mildew, mould, and of course, algae. It’s great for outdoor wooden doors too and sheds, fences and windows.

3 Faded Decking

To bring back the natural colour of your garden decking try using a good quality biodegradable cleaner which will help restore your decking to its former glory. Remove the cleaner from the decking once 20 minutes have elapsed by using a brush and water. If the staining is severe you may need to do it a few times and clean it over and over again, it will be worth it in the end.

4 Dirty Decking

Use a good quality garden decking and patio cleaner that will be specifically designed to remove grime and dirt. It will also help with mould, algae and mildew. Apply a quality decking oil after so you’ll give your decking some protection afterwards.

5 Warped Decking

If you’ve not had the time to take care of your garden decking for a while, then when you come back to it, you may have noticed that it’s slightly bowed. This can happen when it’s not been treated to cope with the vagaries of the weather.

You could try straightening them, but if this doesn’t work, then try replacing the individually warped boards. You can also fill in holes and gaps where rot may have started to take hold by using a good quality wood filling product. Don’t use it for really big gaps and holes as it won’t be strong enough, this will involve a bigger job of actually replacing the boards.

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