Considerations When Erecting Garden Fencing

If you’re considering erecting garden fencing around the perimeters of your property, whether domestic or commercial there is much to think about. However, fencing can be cheap and easy to maintain and can easily fit into your environment. Chosen carefully, a fence around your garden can be built to last and be both reliable and secure.

How High Should You Go?

Before you erect garden fencing, think of the neighbours. There are rules for residential areas, and these are that your fence should not be any higher than 6ft. It can be even less than that for a front garden or yard with a limit of 4ft.

Let’s Talk Garden Fence Boundaries

A few inches outside your boundary could cause conflict with your neighbours, if you encroach someone else’s land you could land yourself in trouble. It can depend on the type of neighbours you have, but some may not always be so generous if your fence has crept into their garden.

Treating Your Fence and Keeping it in Good Condition

So now you’ve gone over the boundaries, the height of your garden fencing and now everyone is happy. So what next? What you need to consider now is what sort of treatment if any your fence will need to keep it in good condition. If your fence is wooden, as it often is, then you’ll need to preserve and stain it in advance. There are a number of different treatments available, so choose one which will best suit the fence you’ve chosen. If you’re going to paint over it, it will need upkeep, and repainting every few years.

Garden Fencing Design

You want your garden fencing to fit in with the rest of your property. You want the design, colour, height and whatever panelling it has to look good and to fit seamlessly in with the rest of the area in which you live.

Try to find garden fencing that fits in terms of design, height and colour, you don’t want it to be too much of an eyesore. For instance, if you have a smaller garden go for something smaller and if you have large garden again, find a larger fence which fits in with the overall size and shape of your property.

Lothian Fencing & Decking – First Class Fencing

Beautiful looking garden fencing will help you to keep your garden neat, set boundaries, and give a seamless finish to where your property ends. If you check the size, shape and height of your garden fencing, making sure it doesn’t upset the neighbours and fits in with your environment, then you shouldn’t get any nasty surprises somewhere down the line.

Why not get in touch with us here at Lothian Fencing and Decking, and let one of our professional team members reassure you on any further questions you may have on erecting garden fencing.