Common Decking Problems

You've invested in garden decking and you're absolutely loving the change it's made to your life and the life of your garden. However, there are things to consider when you have garden fencing in order to give it longevity. Maintenance is an important factor in keeping your decking in tip top condition.

You also spot problems, after all, out in the garden, there are all sorts of hazards and things that can attack your decking. You need to be able to know what you can do to sort these problems out before they get even worse.

So in our guide today, we're going to talk about the outdoor garden hazards that can affect your decking in detail, and give you some tips on what you can do.


Being outside, your garden decking is prone to the vagaries of British weather. With this in mind, it's only natural that as time goes by, your decking will start to fade. It will also warp and crack over the years because it's made of wood.

The fading, warping and cracking can give the decking some character, however you may want to slow down the process. One way of doing this is to treat the decking by adding a stain or repainting it. Retreating it and sealing it every couple of years should help add a few extra years to the decking, you can also use a stain or paint that has a water sealer or wood preserver which is a good economical combination, doing two jobs at once.


Always check for staining and mould to the joists as this is the foundation of your garden decking. There can be a build up of dirt and water around the posts and these need to be checked every now and again. Water build-up can be a real enemy to wood, so check for this too. Replace any planks that have wood rot with new ones, so your decking can be given a new lease of life.


Mould can be scrubbed or scraped off with water and soap and you can also use a jet spray.

Gaps in the planks/boards

You boards will need replacing if they shrink as they dry out after rain, this can cause gaps in the decking so replacing them with new planks is the only solution to this problem.

Structural Issues

If your garden decking has any 'give' and doesn't seem very strong, then perhaps it needs some repair due to structural problems. Check the joists and posts underneath, and if you're unsure of what you're looking for then call in a professional who can take a look at it for you.

Professional Garden Decking Specialists

If you'd like us to take a look at your garden fencing, then we'd be more than happy to send a member of our team round to your home to check it out. We have many years of experience in the decking business and we know what problems to look out for when it comes to garden decking. Just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.