Why Choose Decking For Your Garden?

It would seem that more people than ever are investing in garden decking and with good reason. After all, it's beautiful to look at, it's certainly great to sit in and provides an elegant and relaxing area to entertain family and friends. There's a great range of patterns, textures and colours these days as well as different shapes, so you can have your decking just how you'd like it.

Once you have your garden decking in place, that's it, you can sit back and enjoy it. It's extremely low maintenance and requires little in the way of cleaning other than a few professional cleaning products to keep it looking good. An occasional polish every now and again also helps.

Durability and Functionality

It's durable and it lasts so you definitely get a return on your investment. Garden decking is usually made from strong hardwood that has it's own natural resistance to British weather with rain, frost and cold. You'll also find that certain softwoods are quite good too if they've been pressure treated first.

Slopes Don't Stop You From Having Garden Decking

If you're garden slopes and you're worried that garden decking simply won't work on an uneven surface, then do not fear, decking is great for straightening out your garden and will leave it with a more consistent feel. It'll make the garden safe for your family and friends to walk on with no uneven surfaces to trip over.

Have Decking and Still be Kind to the Environment

If you care about the environment, then you'll be pleased to know that the hardwoods used to make garden decking is usually bio-degradable, so ask your retailer about it and don't buy it if it isn't. When it's bio-degradable this usually means that it can be easily recycled so it's environmentally friendly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Oh yes, garden decking is easy on the eye and really makes your garden come alive. It looks even better as it ages and becomes more rustic looking. In all the seasons the decking will come alive with each type of weather, giving you a garden you really want to spend time in. Whether it's watching the leaves fall in autumn or looking at the frosted branches of the trees nearby, your garden will be a beautiful part of it.

Timber decking looks beautiful all year round and even during the months you can 't sit out in it and entertain friends, you'll still have a platform from which to look at the changing weather.

Flexibility and Versatility

You can have your garden decking in any style you want from any wood you like. You can use decking around pools, water features and ponds, and even under pergolas. You can build a gazebo on it and you can have an inbuilt barbecue, so entertaining is a doddle during the warm spring and summer months. You can have the children playing outside in it as its quite safe and you can entertain guests outdoors at any time of the day.

Transform Your Garden With Decking

Have you made your mind up? Have you decided that garden decking is for you and you'd like to go ahead. Why not get in touch or pay us a visit here at Lothian Fencing and Decking and one of our team will be more than happy to help you. We have an experienced and reliable team behind us and we're all qualified and trained to work with decking. So get in touch today and make your garden come alive.