Artificial Grass in Dog Kennels & Dog Runs

If you are trying to maintain real turf in a dog kennel you are fighting a losing battle. Both the dogs and the seasons have other ideas for your beautifully manicured grass. How many hours do you spend a week looking after the turf in your kennels? It is probably quite a few, and for many business owners, the cost and time consumption of looking after real grass is just too much.

Which is why artificial grass for dogs is becoming increasingly popular with kennel owners up and down the country. Let’s take a look why.

Good For the Dogs

As a kennel owner, your number one concern is rightly going to be the dogs you are looking after. Artificial grass helps you to take care of them better. It provides a more durable, stable surface for them to play on. It won’t get slippery or become uneven and full of holes. With artificial grass dogs can run and play just as they would on normal grass, without the chance of catching a paw or taking a nasty tumble.

Best of all, dogs like artificial grass. They won’t even be able to tell the difference, and will soon be lying, rolling, and – yes – peeing on it!

Good For You

With artificial grass dogs can have a good time, and you can have an easier time. Artificial grass for dogs is incredibly easy to maintain, requiring just a quick going over with a hosepipe every now and then, or a bit of soap and water for a more intensive clean. Urine filters through into the ground, and faeces is easy to pick up, so it’s a very hygienic surface.

It makes looking after the dogs easier, too. By not getting muddy, artificial grass for dogs is saving you a lot of time spent hosing down dirty pooches.

Artificial grass for dogs also looks fantastic. It remains the same neat and pleasing length, and won’t fade in the sun like traditional grass does during the hotter months. It will remain a luscious green all year round, and can’t be dug up or disturbed by the dogs.

Good For Business

Switching to artificial grass frees up a lot of your time, while making your dog run more accessible. Dogs will be able to use it all year round to get exercise and let off steam.

Want to know more about easy to maintain, simple to install artificial grass dogs will just love to play on? Get in touch with us today.