Choosing Garden Fencing in West Lothian

At first glance it may seem easy – choosing your garden fencing in West Lothian. You just look through a brochure and pick the most attractive one you can find, however, this may not be as simple as it looks, after all there are other things to consider. In this post, we’re going to take a look at what to think about when choosing fencing for your garden.

Firstly let’s take a quick look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing garden fencing:-

  • Your budget

  • Hiring the right people with the necessary training and expertise

  • Your reason for having fencing – is for security, purely for decoration, to keep animals out or just for privacy?

  • The type of maintenance your fence will need over the years.

There are quite a few different types of garden fencing on the market including Composite Panel Fences, Trellis, Screens, Picket, Close board, Lap Panel Fences and Decorative Fence Panels. Which one you choose is dependent on what purpose it will serve.

Privacy Fencing

If you need privacy then an overlapping panel fence may be just the thing to keep people traffic and noisy neighbours out. They’re sometimes made from heavier wood and can also keep out noise too, for this try feather edge or treated boards.

Wind Breaker Fencing

If you need to break down a cruel breeze and harsh winds in autumn and winter, or you’re just in a place where your garden catches the wind, then a good fence that acts as a barrier against the wind is a great idea. Try hazel or willow hurdle fences, there are some great fencing panels designs that are specifically made to act as wind breaks.

Noise Reduction Fencing

We’ve already seen that a thicker timber panel fencing can keep out noise such as feather edge or specially treated boards. We have garden fencing that can cut out noise regardless of where it originates, whether it’s below panel height or higher.

Fencing With Aesthetic Appeal

Are you having garden fencing in West Lothian because you fancy a change and you want something that looks attractive, something that helps your garden and house to look more attractive? You can have something more imposing with solid gates or you can have something lighter but at the same time practical too.

Garden Fencing West Lothian

For whichever reason you’re having garden fencing in West Lothian, whether it’s as a wind break, for noise or purely for aesthetic reasons then come to Lothian Fencing and Decking . We have an excellent choice of garden fencing and we can talk you through what might work best for your garden depending on what you need it for.