Garden Fencing Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Garden Fencing

How do you maintain you fence once it’s been installed? Once the fence is installed, you’re left with the care and maintenance of these great new additions to your garden.

Today, we’ve put together some handy bits of tips and advice, so you can take care of your new fencing so it stays exactly as it was when you bought it - in pristine condition.

Make regular checks a priority

Never leave the bits you can’t see to chance, that would include the bottom of your fence as well as the top. They can get damaged every bit as easily as the uppermost area of your picket fence. You must clean and repair any damage you find in order to keep on top of things, and before it overwhelms you.

Inspections on a regular basis

It makes sense to check and inspect regularly so that the damage, if discovered, can be rectified quickly before it becomes too big a job. This will keep the fencing in good condition and avoid bigger jobs later. Maintenance is low, because when you check regularly there’s less to do.

Make sure you have certain tools to hand, so any damage you do find, you’ll have the right things to hand to help you stay on top of it. Items to include are paint brushes, and naturally the same paint you used to paint your fence, washing solutions, a hose, wood trimmer and some sander.


Does your fence need repainting in certain parts? It can retain its colour if its kept topped up on a regular basis, making sure you have a reasonable stock of the same paint you used originally, so colours are even.

You can go over the whole fence or just paint certain areas, it’s up to you what part or how much of the fence you need to paint over.

Pressure Washing

You need to make sure your garden fencing is nice and clean, not just painting over dirt as well as damaged parts. If you keep it clean then your fence will last much longer and aesthetically, it will look good for longer too. Pressure washing your fence is one way of keeping your fence clean. Pressure washing involves using a pressure washing solution that you can use with other cleaning agents, if you wish. You need to use a hose to create the pressure, and once done, it’ll add a nice fresh glow to your picket fence.

Keep chemicals away from your garden fencing

One important factor you need to keep in consideration is the number and type of pesticides you currently use in your garden. They could cause irreparable damage to your fence, so it’s advisable to create a good distance between where you use your pesticides and where your fence is.

Sanding a wooden garden fencing

Keep an eye out for sharp bits on your picket fence, especially wood blisters and splinters that could trip you up or cause nasty cuts. You can use a sander to smooth your fence down and level the surface off. It’ll look good and it’ll be a lot safer too.

So there you have, it a few simple tips to keep your new fencing in immaculate condition and when you buy garden fencing in West Lothian you’re already winning with our strong, good quality fencing.