What Can Decking Be Used For?

Decking is about far more than just throwing down some planks in your garden. It is an easy and sturdy way of creating extra comfort and convenience in your outside space, with plenty of uses and applications. Some of the uses of garden decking are obvious, others are a little more unusual. Garden decking can be as simple or creative as you like.

Whether you want garden decking West Lothian or garden decking Edinburgh, here are just some ways it can be used.

Water Feature Surround

One of the benefits of having a pool is that it gives you something serene and full of wildlife to look at. But you won't spot much from a distance, and the outer edges of ponds usually aren't stable enough to put chairs on. A pond surrounded by garden decking not only looks striking, it also gives you a great seating area and easy access to the pond. Kids in particular will love lying on the decking and watching out for fish, newts, and other underwater creatures.

Outdoor Seating Area

A smooth, beautiful surface makes garden decking the perfect choice for outdoor seating spots or barbecue areas. You'll have a comfortable surface on which to put chairs, cushions, or blankets, and plenty of space to relax. And when it's warm outside, pop up a table and eat your meals in the sunshine without worrying about tripping over tufts or chair legs sinking into the ground.

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Surround

As well as making hot tubs look fantastic, using garden decking as a pool surround makes the whole area very safe. Garden decking has a low risk of slipping, so if wet people are going to be constantly in and out it makes sense for them to be doing so on safe ground. Plus it's a nice space for those not swimming to relax with a drink or a book and still be part of the action.

Disabled Access

Make sure everyone can access your garden. Grass or gravel aren't always the easiest surfaces to traverse, and can make getting everyone together outside more than a little complicated. Garden decking gives you a flat, level surface so that no one has to miss out on the garden, the fresh air, or the fun.

Japanese Garden

Create yourself an oasis of calm with an oriental-themed section of your garden. Use the garden decking as a strong foundation to create stunning designs and tranquil areas in which you can relax and escape from the world. Add a delicately trickling water feature and a comfy outdoor chair for total bliss.

Garden Decking West Lothian & Garden Decking Edinburgh

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