Garden Fencing - Some of the benefits

There are many reasons why installing fencing within and around your garden is a good idea. Below we have put together a few of them:

  • Privacy -  Garden fencing can be a great way to ensure that your neighbours and passers-by can’t see into your property. An attractive garden fencing installation can also be installed so you can't see out, this is popular for those with a nice garden but less than attractive view

  • Security - Well installed garden fencing can offer you protection to your garden, your home and its contents, The right garden fencing installation can also ensure that animals can’t enter your garden and eat your vegetables of destroy plants and shrubs. 

  • Define Your garden Space - If you have a larger garden or spaces that are put to different uses, well designed garden fencing can be a great addition to your garden. For example, it can be used to screen off an old, ugly or untidy garden shed, act as an entrance to another part of the garden or ensure children or pets safety from a water feature. 
  • Design - There is no point in having a beautiful, well designed and maintaned garden that is ruined by an ugly old fence surrounding it. With so many styish designed fences available on the market and bespoke options available you can surround your beautiful garden with stunning fencing to compliment it.

If you are looking to transform your garden then contact Lothian Fencing and decking for a free no obligation, bespoke planning and design consultation

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